The Bridge Institute is an organization that offers post graduate courses, trainings and workshops for the general public, civil society, community, and professionals.

The target of all courses and training modalities is to reduce the stress effect on all health aspects:

Physical: the effect on all body organs.
On healthy life style behavior: over eating, smoking…
On the family: healthy intimate, parents/children relationships.
On work and career: the effect on, productivity, creativity, teams and groups and career success.
On social life: healthy social aspect is an important pattern of health.

The Institute has a clear target of delivering cutting edge knowledge and tools needed to cross the bridge from knowledge to practice.



Dr. Jad Wehbe is an international speaker, teacher and research supervisor, practicing mind and body therapy which includes:

His workshops in India and Lebanon have known a huge success, generating hundreds of testimonials from all around the world: Lebanon, India, France, Belgium, Argentina, Norway, Singapore and more 

To participate in the social development and awareness in the Stress and Emotional Management filed, he had a TV and radio program and has taken part in more than 50 TV interviews in local and international TV stations

CHINA       INDIA      UK         LEBANON

 Personal quote: Time is not a healer, healing is a personal choice and decision to learn the right tools.



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General Manager
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Founder | Senior Lecturer




Do you feel stuck in any aspect of your life?
Do you have chronic health issues?
Do you have emotional stressors?
Are you suffering from anxiety, phobias, addictions, panic attacks, or OCD?
Do you often feel angry, sorry or depressed?
Has the loss of someone affected your life on the long run?
An ISM* coach can help you find peace within, so your life will improve and you will be able to move forward.

Try one of our trained coaches for 5 free online sessions and upgrade your life!
This unique offer is available for anyone who is willing to thrive

*Integrative Stress Management Coaching (ISMC) is a unique technique combining neuro-linguistic programming tools, hypnotherapy, breathing techniques, guided brain imagery tools, cognitive-behavioral therapy and neuropsychology. An ISM coach can effectively help you treat your anxiety issues, panic attacks, grief, anger, phobias, guilt, PTSD, OCD, addictions and depression.

Houry Abou Karam

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Hypnotherapist
- Emotional Liberation Breathing practitioner

When I realized I was a good listener who was always interested in the physiology of the mind and how it functions; I got the desire to educate myself and learned how to approach crushing conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, depression , addiction with compassion and humanity.

This opened the horizons wide for me with the passion of helping people
to set them free from their unresolved behaviors and deeply engraved traumas that held them back.

English – Arabic – Armenian – little French

Available Mondays and Fridays 2pm to 4pm and Wednesday 8to 10am GMT. Contact me to book an appointment


Solène de Montmarin

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Hypnotherapist
- Emotional Liberation Breathing practitioner

Solène has been working for more than 15 years in the humanitarian sector all over the world. After going through the distress of humanitarian workers, she discovered the Emotional Liberation Breathing technic and healed herself. Thus, she decided to bring her own experience and knowledge to “support those who are helping” In 2019, after being certified Hypnotherapist, she became an Emotional Liberation Breathing practitioner. Since 2020, she is on an on-going training on Integrative Stress Management coaching.

English - French – little Spanish

Feel free to contact me to book an appointment


Léa Nasnas Chami

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Biodecoding counselor
- Grief specialist
- Art Therapy
- Communication and event Consultant

I have worked in communication management and started to paint to express my great sensitivity and suppressed emotions. After a thorough therapy using traditional CBT, I met my ISM mentor and practiced Emotional Liberation Breathing, while he coached me to find my balance. I discovered a passion to emotional healing and enrolled in the ISMC course to coach others and help patients more efficiently. I am also certified Biodecoding counselor and I practice Art Therapy.

English - French – Lebanese - little Norwegian – little Spanish

Available Tuesdays to Fridays 8 am to 11 am GMT. Contact me to book an appointment


Claudine Khoury

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Hypnotherapist
- Emotional Liberation Breathing
- Grief specialist

Claudine is a passionate therapist, she has a strong urge to heal people’s emotional wounds. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a solid Emotional Liberation breathing expert and integrative stress management coach. She has followed several trainings on healing childhood traumas and a specialized grief-healing training.

French – English - Arabic

Contact me to book an appointment


Ralph Hobeika

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Doctor of Physical Therapy Inhalation
- Therapist
- Inhalation Therapist
- Acupuncturist
- Neurac Practitioner

After many years of experience in the Physical Therapy field, I realized the link between physical and mental aspects and how much they can affect each other. Being healthy means treating your Mind and your Body.

Arabic – English - French

Not available at the moment


Reind Doughan

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Physical therapist

Working in the physical therapy field made me realize the importance of mental health for a physical wellbeing. Physical pain and mental health are strongly related. For a good wellbeing, both the mind and the body should be treated. The global pandemic had very bad Influences on mental health, and people all over the world are struggling with anxieties, fears, guilt… I’ll be very happy to help and guide you by providing you with tools to deal with your problems.

Arabic – French - English - Turkish

Mondays and Fridays 6-8 PM GMT or Wednesdays 8 AM-10 AM GMT


Toufic Najem

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Physiotherapy
- Personal Fitness Trainer

As a senior physiotherapist, I have always noticed the huge impact of the psychological situation on our physical health and wellness; That’s why I specialized myself in “stress management coaching”, Making the perfect combination by treating the Mind and the Body at the same time, aiming for better and faster results, and contributing for a better health growth

English - French - Arabic

Not available at the moment


Sandra Nasrallah

- Integrative Stress Management coaching
- Hypnotherapist
- Emotional Liberation Breathing

Sandra has been on the quest of wellness over the past 10 years. She initiated her path by healing her inner self. She lives in this chaotic and stressful world and has a strong urge to bring wellness to people of her society and contribute in the betterment of it quality. Over the years, she acquired expertise and knowledge in the field of hypnotherapy, stress and emotional management through emotional Liberation breathing. Last but not least, she has earned a coaching certificate in Integrative Stress Management from the Bridge Institute.

Arabic – English - French

Contact me to book an appointment



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