Eating Behavior Programming® Course
Induced Stress
for Sports

The Sports Stress Management Course includes:

Sports induced stress management
• Emotional Liberation Breathing Technique
• Guided brain imagery based on neuro plasticity.

Learning Outcomes

•To evaluate the stress and the possible psychosomatic
component of your patients.
•To identify the different triggers of stress
•To improve sports performance, general and specific skills.
•To improve adherence to training.
•To improve team work skills.
•To reduce the risk injury.
•To improve sleep.•To improve sleep.
•To accelerate the healing process after injury.
•To increase the threshold of pain.
•To reduce rebellious muscle tension
•To reduce the different effects of stress on the body,

Such as

- Headaches & Migraines
- Vertigo & dis-balance
- Neck, Thoracic, Low back pain
- Joints pain
- Slower metabolism & slow fat burning
- Intolerances
- Asthma
- Sleep problems
- Digestive system problems like IBS,
Reflux, High acidity in the stomach
- Weak immune system
- Auto immune system diseases
including polyarthrites...
- Infertility-Infertility
- Sexuality:erection problems for men
& pain during intercourse for women
- Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.